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Our Summer Combo Offer

Coaching helps leaders grow by providing personalized guidance, fostering self-awareness, enhancing key skills, and offering a supportive environment for development. Through one-on-one sessions with the Centre for Coaching’s professionals, leaders explore their strengths and weaknesses, set specific goals, and receive tailored feedback.

Through the Integral coaching approach, we encourage leaders to reflect on their behaviors, attitudes, and their impact on others. This leads to greater self-understanding and the ability to make more informed decisions. Through constructive feedback and achieving goals, leaders gain confidence in their skills and decision-making processes.

Leaders consider coaching as a more engaging alternative to consulting, allowing them to connect deeply with clients in their field. Whether it’s small business development, real estate, sales, or human resources, coaching offers a way to leverage existing networks and quickly gain credibility.

No matter how one finds their way to coaching, again and again, we see the majority of life coaches pursue coaching to live out their vision of changing the world, one person at a time.

Centre for Coaching delivers the Coaching for Development six-month course to teach you the skills and provide the support you need to excel in this rewarding field. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to helping others reach their full potential. The course starts on 04 September 2024, and we still have places available.

Joining our Coaching for Development course until 25.07.2024 will allow you to receive a fantastic opportunity to attend one of our Leadership Conversations workshops, which we will run this year entirely free. These workshops will become a valuable addition to your managerial toolbox.

Course dates for 2024:


Confronting with Courage to transform your communication skills starts on 29 July 2024.

Building & Rebuilding Trust to build or re-establish workplace trust starts on 27 August 2024.

Mentor – Amplifying Talent to unlock your leadership potential through skillful mentoring starting on 25 October 2024.

Take advantage of this chance to invest in your professional and personal development and unlock the full potential of your leadership journey. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@centreforcoaching.ch

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