Centre for Coaching – Switzerland

Participation in the 6 month Associate Coaching Course opened my eyes to the role a coach can play in helping individuals develop their natural strengths and see possibilities not seen before. The facilitator stressed the importance of a collaborative alliance formed within a bounded framework so as to aid clients in setting goals, taking actions and making better informed decisions. Meaningful assignments, experiential role plays, group exercises, and case studies were used to reinforce and affirm our skill development. During the course we applied the integrative coaching model directly within a safe framework under the skilled guidance of a practiced facilitator. I recommend this program as meaningful training for those who seek to contribute positively, creatively, and in a future-oriented manner in support of others.
Dr Ros Thomas, Head, Psychology, Sociology and Counseling, Webster University Geneva
Thanks so very much for creating such a special learning experience. Among the many things that I appreciate collectively about the Centre for Coaching Faculty are:

• providing a safe environment for personal learning
• your depth of knowledge, expertise and experience in coaching
• planting the seeds of life long friendships
• allowing the uniqueness and contribution of each delegate to shine
• providing the materials and tools to more effective learning
• setting the assignments that made the learning experience very real
• choosing a superb location, with harmony and stillness
• providing a toolkit for life Most importantly I really appreciate that you have given me a better understanding of human beings.

Glen Jones, Managing Director, iBuzcon Ltd (London)
ACC for me was everything a coaching course could possibly provide, and so much more. Beside the models, tools and techniques to equip me as a coach, I’ve discovered such a solid base for pretty much any interaction in my professional and personal life now. I am simply amazed by the depth and wealth of conversations I am able to hold now. The course is hard work, for sure, but the outcome is so rich that it’s been totally worth it!
Tatiana Matveeva, Leadership Development Director, Corporate HR Center, JT International
Learning about integral coaching had been an aspiration of mine for a couple of years. I am glad I arrived at the decision to commit to a programme at the same time when Centre for Coaching ACC became available in Switzerland. I was joining the programme with a thirst to learn and a readiness for some self development work, little did I know that my thirst would be just quenched by opening up new horizons and my tremendously painful but very rewarding self development journey would just begin.

The course work is just the right combination of theory and experiential learning, and anyone is free to take as little or as much from it as one desires, by this I mean that there is no limit to how much you can learn as long as you have curiosity, dedication, and, what is very essential, enough quality time to process.

Starting my first coaching cases right from the beginning of the programme was daunting, but I discovered that this was the best way to learn, especially with the invaluable support of a mentor.

The amount of home assignments did not look that big in the beginning, but, if taken seriously, some of the one page reflections required one to two weeks intense self observations, which, in turn, contributed to the depth of my personal development journey.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone curious about integral coaching, or anyone seriously considering becoming a professional in this area.

Olga Klimanovich, Partner, InReach Global Consulting, London
I have worked with CfC across a number of diverse geographies over the last 9 years (in Africa and central Asia) and I have been hugely impressed by their approach, skills and ability.

What has been particularly of note is their ability to understand and appreciate different cultures / team dynamics and to adapt the programs for differing audiences and situations.

Their input has been a significant element in delivering demonstrable improvement in both the business delivery and in leadership development (both individual and team) and helping achieve real business turnaround (from decline to growth on all KPI’s – Volume, share, turnover and profit) and a step change in developing a sustainable highly effective local talent pipeline.

Mycroft Croisdale-Appleby, British American Tobacco, Area Director - Middle East
I left the programme with an awakened sense of being deeply in tune with the present moment, a curiosity to explore new possibilities and as a result, discovering new territory, every single day.
Navid Nazemian, Integral Coach and Head of HR Business Partnering - Vodafone