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Certification programmes

Intimate, rigorous training and development experienced in a community of like minds and hearts.

Certification programmes
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Interested in studying Coaching?

For individuals wanting to study coaching, the Centre for Coaching offers an 18-month programme that is made up of two courses targeted at different levels:

  • Coaching for Development (six months)
  • Professional Coaching Course (one year).

The courses are designed to work together as a unit over an 18-month period with ‘soak in’ time between each programme to allow information to be absorbed and practiced. The Coaching for Development (CfD) is the first part of this journey, although it is also offered as a stand-alone programme, providing you with a good foundation in competency-based Coaching. We also offer a masterclass series to enrich your coaching once you have completed your training.

Immersion in an Integral Approach to Coaching

Coaching for Development (CfD)


Under the auspices of our learning partner, New Venture West, CfD is approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation) as an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) programme for 90 hours of coach training.

CfD Module 1

Foundations of Integral Coaching

CfD Module 2

Extending Coaching Impact

CfD Module 3

Deeping Coaching Practice

Becoming a Professional Integral Coach


Professional Coaching Course (PCC)


Under the auspices of our learning partner, New Venture West, the PCC is accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) as an ACTP (Approved Coach Training programme) for 196 hours of Coach training.

PCC Module 1

Get in shape to Coach: Way of Being

PCC Module 2

Theory & Methodology

PCC Module 3

Practice: Guest Clients & Coaches

PCC Module 4

Certification & Completion

CfD + year-long PCC equates to 286 hours of coach specific training.
This fullfils the ICF coach training hour requirements for MCC (Master Certified Coach)

The programmes together address
the following training needs:

  • Manager, Team Leader, or professional within a Company/ Business wanting to add coaching to their set of skills & potentially expanding their role within the organisation.
  • Professionals wanting to focus on coaching as their core line of business and require training and accreditation;
  • Consultants who want to add coaching to their toolbox of current skills and services /
  • Professionals or consultants looking for coursework to fulfil certification requirements (e.g. project management)
  • HR professional (HR Manager/ Director/Lead) interested in learning coaching tools/techniques/skills applicable in their current role or for a future role as a coach either internally or as an independent.
  • ICF renewal of credentials: because all courses are recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), under the auspices of our learning partner, New Ventures West, they can also be used as part of the requirements towards becoming an ICF certified coach or for the renewal of ICF credentials. For more information on ICF credential renewal or certification click here.