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Business Cases

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Business Cases
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Business Cases

Executive coaching develops individuals so that they can be more effective, more fulfilled and, as a result, better able to contribute meaningfully to their businesses in the short and long term. Coaching in this context does not mean mentoring, managing, teaching or offering advice. Rather, it is a private one-on-one process focused on developing insights, understanding and actions that assist individuals in being more content, competent and productive in the workplace. Coaching can develop inspirational leaders who show up authentically at work – who can think deeply, reflect, and use their understanding, self-awareness and belief in themselves and others to unify groups, initiate action and catalyse personal growth.

Examples of Business Cases

We have worked with a range of organisations over the last two decades who have been looking to use coaching-anchored programs to develop leaders and teams. Below are examples of the kinds of initiatives we have run. Many of these have led to multiple year and numerous project initiatives with the same clients: Our recent work has taken on some interesting and evolving edges. Using Integral Coaching – our core teaching philosophy, we have begun to do some ground-breaking work:

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Mining Industry – Sexual Harassment and
workplace bullying research

  • This is a currently unfolding program. The mining industry has battled its nemesis of sexual harassment and bullying for decades. Having worked with this particular mining house on other leadership initiatives and established a strong partnership, we were invited to partner with them on a radically new way of encountering and navigating these twin plagues. We are excited to see where this goes. Another example of using coaching skills in an innovative way.
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Banking & Financial Services
Industry – Leadership Initiatives

  • Coaching the Top 160 – spread over the last two years we were chosen by a large multinational retail Bank to coach their Top 160 executives as part of their in-house leadership development and culture change program. We selected a series of experienced integral coaches (all graduates of our programmes) for this process and managed the allocation and subsequent coaching process across these executives. Critical to this process was the capacity of our integral coaches to align their coaching to achieving the specific purpose and outcomes of the leadership and culture change programme, whilst still taking into account the unique nature and challenges faced by the individual executives..
  • Phakama – an initiative with the largest bank in Africa where we train soon-to-retire executives on a 9-month ICF and UCT-accredited program to equip them to coach. This is a strategic initiative which ensures wisdom in the Bank is retained and is ploughed back when the Phakama delegates qualify as coaches and return to coach & mentor leaders within the Bank.
  • Equipping HR Leaders to Coach – A large bank wanted its HR leaders to become
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Petrochemical Industry –
Emerging Leaders

  • The challenge for this South African division of a global oil and gas organisation was to build a cadre of leaders of the future. The organisation, in partnership with the Centre for Coaching, realised that it needed the leaders of the future to learn to engage with themselves and their teams and clients in new ways by building their competency to have both powerful and courageous conversations, including coaching, and giving compelling feedback.
  • A process was set into place which would equip these leaders-in-training to learn how to coach, to work in coaching-circles (groups of peers who coach one another), and to work with external coaches to enable the transfer of coaching skills across to them. The programme* is now in its 10 th year and the success of the programme has turned it into a fixture.
  • *This programme won the organisation’s Global external training programme award in 2013 out of all programmes delivered externally to their employees world-wide.
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FMCG – Coaching culture initiatives

  • Cascading Coaching: An industry-leading, fast-moving consumer goods organisation was taken over by an international CEO who wanted to cascade the competence of coaching to the shop floor. In an organisation-wide programme, all 2 000 employees over a period of three years were exposed to and equipped with coaching skills. While these were transferred across by an external team of facilitators from the Centre for Coaching, the emphasis was on leaving the language of coaching behind. In waves of offsite and shop floor interventions, the organisation was exposed to coaching and then encouraged and supported to apply this as part of their daily responsibilities.

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