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Customised Accredited Coaching Training for Organisations

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Customised Accredited Coaching Training for Organisations

Some large organizations are choosing to build internal coaching capacity to augment (or replace) the hiring of external coaches. This approach generally reduces the cost of coaching and allows the organization to offer coaching services both more broadly and more deeply within the organization. We help internal coaches, whether full-time or part-time, to continue to build their level of skill and effectiveness. Our training is available at a range of levels:

  • Baseline competence in speaking and listening as a coach, making grounded assessments, and providing spontaneous coaching.
  • Intermediate coaching competence that includes baseline competence and the capacity to develop people over time via custom-designed programs.
  • The capacity to serve as a coaching resource for situations throughout the organization. People at this level can work with clients at any level of the organization on a full range of topics, from the mundane to the very challenging. They can advise others about pursuing coaching or coach training and make referrals to internal or external coaches.


From foundational workshops to our year-long certification program, our suite of accredited Integral Coach training programmes are all customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Below is an overview:

“Bringing your whole self to life. Lasting and meaningful
benefits for individuals and organisations.”

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