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Tailored Leadership Programmes

Over 20 years’ experience in partnering with our clients towards individual and organisational aptitude and success

Tailored Leadership Programmes
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Corporate Solutions – Tailored
Leadership Programmes

As an Integral Leadership Development Organisation, we help leaders, teams and organisations to build a sustainable and self-correcting capacity to transform. How we do this is through our integral approach, including tailored workshop designs, team coaching and 1:1 coaching.

We consult to organisations wishing to invest in customised leadership development programmes, (e.g. leader as a coach, coaching circles for teams, leadership imprint, powerful feedback, direct conversations – confronting with courage, rebuilding trust, creating alignment conversations etc.)

Face-to-Face or Live Virtual

The following programmes can all be designed and delivered as either Face-to-Face modules or Live-Virtual or a combination

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Leadership Development Programmes For: Top teams, executives, experienced and new managers

We offer a set of core and customised leadership development programs to enable leadership teams and managers to function at the highest level of capability. Our program design may include diagnostics, group workshops, coaching, action learning and measuring outcomes. Our highly skilled and experienced facilitators are able to engage your executives at the following levels:

  • CEO & top teams
  • Senior executives and experienced managers
  • New managers
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High Potential and Talent Development
Programmes: For: High potential employees / Emerging Leaders

The value we bring to you:

Using our 20+ years’ experience in developing leaders, we are able to design specific programs to groom your high potentials and talents. Our programs focus on developing integral leadership qualities and equipping your high potentials with skills and techniques that will ensure their foundation for long term career success in your organisation. You can expect the following outcomes:

  • Higher self-awareness
  • More integral leadership qualities
  • Increased tool box of skills and techniques to achieve better results, work with others and build trusting relationships

These in-house programmes can be accredited by the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town, giving participants a certification upon completion.

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“Fast Forward” Programmes for Transformational Culture Shifts: For: Transformation Teams leading change

The value we bring you:

Capitalising on our experience with Lean Start-Up, Lean Manufacturing and Lean Enterprise, we design “fast forward” programmes for organisations wanting to embark on transformational culture shifts. Our Integral Methodology is effective in cultivating and embedding the behaviours and mindset necessary for transformation, such as:

  • customer centricity
  • entrepreneurship
  • agile working principles
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Leadership Conversations: For: All levels of managers

The value we bring you:

Organisational culture can be shifted positively by changing the way managers conduct their conversations with their people and how they build and maintain relationships. Building skills in the areas of conversation and relationship will change the culture and the DNA of the organisation with lasting impact. This program will equip managers with the skills to conduct the following essential conversations:

  • Leader as a Coach
  • Development conversations – giving and receiving powerful feedback
  • Direct Conversations – confronting with Courage
  • Creating alignment – Requests, Promises & Offers
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Using Coaching Circles to practice the above in small groups

Our process and examples of offerings

Our process and examples of offerings
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In Summary

With over 20 years’ experience in partnering with our clients towards individual and organisational aptitude and success, we have honed our ability to develop a range of tailored solutions and programmes to meet your needs in this ever changing and complex environment.

We help leaders, teams and organisations to:

  • build a sustainable and self-correcting capacity
  • to transform through our integral approach

We do this through a combination of:

  • tailored workshop designs
  • team coaching
  • 1:1 coaching

“Bringing your whole self to life. Lasting and meaningful
benefits for individuals and organisations.”

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