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Leadership Conversations

Designed to develop leaders holistically & amplify leadership conversation skills through six individual short courses

Leadership Conversations

About our Leadership Conversations series

Today, many leaders and executives face a growing number of issues and challenges, exacerbated by the level of economic and political uncertainty, such as:

  • low levels of trust and psychological safety, making it harder to align and delegate;
  • adjusting to changing work-from-home expectations;
  • misunderstandings and miscommunication between employees;
  • dissatisfaction of employees with the corporate culture, the atmosphere in a team, working conditions, etc.

If issues such as these are left unresolved, there is a significant impact on productivity, engagement and the organisation’s results. That is why it is essential for leaders and managers to periodically question themselves, “How satisfied are my employees?” and “What might I do differently to increase satisfaction?”

While it is important that the company’s development strategy is reconciled with the current managerial situation, as leaders, we need to be able to swiftly identify & implement ways to engage with these types of issues.

The Centre for Coaching’s Leadership Conversations Series is designed to support leaders in the development of their leadership conversation skills. We created six individual short courses to enable executives, HRs, and leaders to build trust, align and delegate, give and receive feedback and hold all conversations that matter holistically, amplifying capacity to resolve the complex issues and challenges we face.

All the Leadership Conversations in the series are grounded in our highly successful and renowned Integral Coaching framework, ensuring a consistent and aligned methodology across the board.

For whom is our Leadership Conversations series for?

This series of workshops is for you if you are an Executive, Manager, or Emerging Leader who is:

  • seeking to develop and grow your teams through the proven principles of transformative leadership conversations
  • looking for better ways to get things done in a more engaging and inspiring way
  • curious about how to become more effective in multiple leadership situations
  • looking to become more efficient as a leader

Course Programme

Our interactive courses are registered as individual UCT* short courses. Practice-based modules have the following flexibility:

  • It is highly recommended to attend all 7 contact days, as each day develops and deepens an important leadership conversation skill.
  • Any 1-day module can be taken as an individual, self-contained course.
  • You can select and combine the courses that best strengthen a specific capacity you would like to build.
  • All these conversations are based on the theoretical foundations of our Integral Coaching ® approach.
  • Courses will be run using our world-class live-virtual, fully interactive online teaching methodology using Zoom.

*UCT: University of Cape Town

Course Dates for 2024:

Leader As Coach 25-26 April 2024

Alignment & Delegation 24 May 2024

Feedback & Development 21 June 2024

Confronting with Courage 29 July 2024

Building & Rebuilding Trust 27 August 2024

Mentor – Amplifying Talent 25 October 2024

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What will you receive?

  • The benefits of being skilled in making requests, promises, and offers to optimise business outcomes.
  • An understanding of feedback conversations to ensure that they are constructive and inspire growth.
  • How having direct, constructive conversations helps to avoid conflict.
  • Tools for building trust in a conscious and coherent way.
  • A deeper understanding of the difference between coaching and other methods of interaction.
  • Practical knowledge of the processes, skills, and qualities that will make you a great mentor.

You will be awarded a UCT certificate for each of these courses – assuming attendance for 100% of the time.

Should you complete all 6 courses, you will also receive a certificate from the Centre for Coaching, showing attendance at the full series.

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Meet the faculty: Janine Ahlers

Managing Partner (Switzerland & South Africa)
Integral Coach ®
Academic Director of Centre for Coaching
Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business
New Ventures West Senior Faculty Member

Janine is a certified Professional Integral Coach® and Master Certified Coach. She publishes research papers, speaks at academic peer-reviewed conferences, and has co-authored books and articles on the topic of coaching in leadership development.

Janine designs, lectures and facilitates courses and Coaching Workshops, Coaching Circles and Leadership Development Interventions for blue-chip clients all over the world. She consults to organisations and teams on the design and implementation of coaching cultures and transformation processes.

Janine has over 3,000 coaching hours logged. She is a founding member of both the Coaches & Mentors Society of SA (COMENSA) and the Coach Educators and Training Association of South Africa (CETASA). She is a senior faculty member of New Ventures West (USA) and one of a handful of coaches accredited to deliver their programmes world-wide.

Watch this short video where Janine Ahlers gives an overview of the programme, with a brief description of each workshop including what you will take away:

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