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Leading with a Coaching Style Series

Designed to develop leaders holistically & amplify coaching conversation skills through six individual short courses

Leading with a Coaching Style Series

Are you looking to become more efficient, more effective as a leader? Looking for better ways to get things done? In a way that is more engaging and inspiring?

In this series of workshops, we explore how to do this in a very practical, pragmatic, hands-on way, while using coaching principles.

Leading in a coaching way requires transformative conversation skills

The Centre for Coaching’s Leadership Conversations programme is designed to develop leaders holistically and amplify their coaching conversation skills through six individual short courses. We highly recommend that you do all these six modules as each one develops and deepens an important skill. You can however, handpick the ones that suit you best and do them individually.

Run in collaboration with the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, the theoretical foundations of all these conversations are based on an Integral approach.

Who will benefit from this course?

You will benefit from this programme if you are an Executive, Manager, or Emerging Leader seeking to develop and grow your teams through the proven principles of transformative coaching conversations.

What will I gain from this course?

  • A deeper understanding of the difference between coaching and other methods of interaction
  • The benefits of being skilled in making requests, promises, and offers to optimise business outcomes
  • An understanding of feedback conversations to ensure that they are constructive and inspire growth
  • How having direct, constructive conversations helps to avoid conflict
  • Tools on building trust in a conscious and coherent way
  • Practical knowledge on the processes, skills, and qualities that will make you a great mentor

Course Dates:

Leader As Coach 22- 23 March 2023

Alignment & Delegation 14 April 2023

Feedback & Development 23 May 2023

Confronting with Courage 19 June 2023

Building & Rebuilding Trust 24 July 2023

Mentor – Amplifying Talent 29 August 2023

Leader As Coach 26 – 27 September 2023

Alignment & Delegation 16 October 2023

Feedback & Development 20 November 2023


Watch this short video where Janine Ahlers gives an overview of the programme, with a brief description of each workshop including what you will take away:

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