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Leader as Coach / Mentoring / Resilience

Introductory workshops on leading through coaching, resilience and mentoring

Leader as Coach / Mentoring / Resilience

Introductory Courses

The Centre for Coaching regularly offers introductory courses on topics including Leading through Coaching, Mentor – Amplifying Talent and Building Resilience – a journey to thriving in adversity.

Leading through Coaching

Leading through Coaching

For those who are interested in learning the basic skills of how to coach, we regularly offer a 2-day introductory « Leading through Coaching » course. You will learn the fundamentals of coaching and how you can use it to provide support, build a common language for coaching and have a better working relationship with others.

  • As a powerful addition to managerial skills, this course is designed to show delegates how to achieve different outcomes to those that have been achieved before.
  • The language and flow of coaching is a key focus of the course, which is brought alive through practicing these new skills and coaching fellow delegates.
  • Like any competency, coaching is a road towards mastery – one cannot be taught to be an expert in two days, but one can certainly learn the key principles and flow of coaching.

“Leading Through Coaching” is a good introduction for those who are interested in doing our longer Internationally Accredited Coaching for
Development programme (ICF ACSTH) – participants find they complement one another well.

This workshop has been run for leading organisations across the globe (such as BMW, Barclays, Chevron & Toyota) supporting them in their strategic goals of continuous improvement (from the assembly line to top management), implementation of Lean Manufacturing / Lean Enterprise, leadership development or fast-tracking the emergent talent pool to senior leadership.

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Who is the course aimed at?

Those who are interested in learning a clear and structured methodology of how to ignite the spark of inspiration in people they interact with.

  • Are your team or your peers as motivated and engaged as they could be?
  • How might having people around you more engaged / inspired impact your life?”

The journey is a two-day experiential &
interactive workshop, where you will learn to:

Improve engagement
and collaboration:

  • working with teams and peers
  • growing and developing team member capability
  • motivating & growing others in all areas of your life

Learn the power of
questions to:

  • open new possibilities
  • generate tangible solutions
  • create a genuine sense of personal ownership
  • create new ways forward

Listen with depth and
clarity in order to:

  • identify and modify barriers to individual / team progress
  • develop interaction skills that build trust and collaboration
  • enable others to cut to the core of their issue

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What can you expect to take away

  • The ability to inspire others, to unlock potential and to encourage innovation is central to being an effective leader, as well as for all of us who interact with others on a regular basis.
  • Learning the fundamentals of coaching is a powerful addition to any leader’s skill set and will allow you to lead in a coaching way when the occasion demands it.
  • The journey is a two-day experiential & interactive workshop
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Leading through Coaching

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    Mentor – Amplifying Talent

    Mentor – Amplifying Talent

    Learn how you can gain maximum benefit from mentoring – the ‘how’ of mentoring as well as the ‘what’

    • Are you frequently having to look externally for successors to key roles?
    • Are you losing leaders with potential?
    • Are you benefitting fully from the wisdom of your longer serving leaders?
    • Are you clear on what makes a good mentor and how to maximize the ROI of mentoring?
    • This 1-day workshop to explores how to amplify talent through mentoring – with a clear focus on the experiential & practical vs academic & theoretical. Learn how you can gain maximum benefit from mentoring – the “how” of mentoring as well as the “what”.

    The journey is a two-day experiential &
    interactive workshop, where you will learn to:

    Be more competent
    to mentor:

    • Identify the skills & qualities you need to develop
    • Recognise openings for mentoring
    • Know when to advise, when to guide & when to allow

    Understand roles
    & responsabilities

    • of mentor, mentee and line
      manager in the process
    • in order to retain and pass
      on the expertise of more
      experienced leaders
    • to grow & develop future

    Work with the tools
    & techniques to:

    • foster mutual respect & trust with those you mentor
    • result in impactful interventions with the people you mentor
    • have an experiential experience of the process (this is how adults learn)

    Building Resilience – a journey to thriving in adversity

    Building Resilience – a journey to thriving in adversity

    The Resilience workshop is a one-day experiential & interactive workshop, that identifies areas of growth and development, explores ‘zones of tolerance’ and their application, and aids the individual to build the first steps towards action.

    • Are you able to cope when things look bleak?
    • Can you respond positively to difficult situations?
    • How able are you to transform unfavourable situations and bounce back
    • What if adversity were to make you stronger and better able to adapt?

    This 1-day workshop will allow you to:

    • deepen your understanding of resilience.
    • assess your own level of capability and design your personalized roadmap to resilience.

    The journey is a two-day experiential &
    interactive workshop, where you will learn to:


    • What is resilience?
    • explore “zones of tolerance” and their application
    • anti-fragility – what it is and how to cultivate it


    • assess your own level of resilience
    • identify areas of growth and
    • work in small groups to build accountability

    Design & action
    your roadmap:

    • Understand the importance of self-observation and practice
    • design a personalized progamme
    • build your first steps towards action

    “Bringing your whole self to life. Lasting and meaningful
    benefits for individuals and organisations.”

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