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Can someone be cured with a word?

The language patterns we use in everyday life can significantly influence the people we interact with.

Words you say have a profound impact on our physical and mental health. Using affirming, respectful, and engaging words can lead to people feeling seen, heard, and that they matter. Words can give motivation, approval, support, and build strong and healthy relationships.

Using negative or hurtful words can cause emotional pain, create resentment, and erode trust in relationships. For example, using words that belittle or insult a partner can cause them to feel disrespected and undervalued, leading to hurt and resentment. Using aggressive or confrontational language can lead to conflicts and arguments that can cause further damage to relationships.

As we spend a large part of our time at work, it is important to have healthy and respectful team relations to bring the results we aim for.

Now stop and answer the following questions:

  • Do we have good team relationships at work?

  • Can I rely on my team?

  • Do our team meetings and conversations bring results, not chaos?

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