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Online ensa Mental Health First Aid Training for our Swiss Graduates

We are delighted to announce that we have arranged a personalised offering of this important course on Mental Health for all Graduates of the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland). Dr Mecky McNeil, the lead facilitator, is one of our graduates and will therefore bring an Integral focus to the teaching. 


One in four people worldwide suffer from a mental health problem in any one year. But even though mental health issues are common, many people are not well informed about how to recognise them, how to respond to an affected person, or about the treatments available. Plenty of myths and misconceptions exist around mental illness resulting in widespread stigma and discrimination.

The internationally recognized, well-validated, evidence-based ensa Mental Health First Aid course teaches participants simple, practical skills to help work colleagues, family, friends, or any other person in need. Participants learn how to recognise signs of mental ill health in others and are encouraged to break down barriers and to listen in a non-judgmental way. They are empowered to respond to people in psychological distress, including in a crisis situation, enabling them to access support they might need as part of their journey to recovery.

Several randomized controlled trials have shown that Mental Health First Aid training improves a participant’s knowledge of mental illness, reduces their stigmatizing behaviour towards others and increases self-confidence in their ability to help those in need. In addition, it strengthens the individual’s own mental wellbeing.

A deeper awareness of this subject is essential for coaches, especially during these challenging times.


Testimonial from one of our own:

Flora Bami, CfD (previously ACC) and PCC alumna, has had the opportunity to do this course, twice!  Hear what she has to say:

“I had the opportunity to attend both the English and Swiss version of the MHFA training. I thoroughly enjoyed the course delivered by Mecky and Michelle in Geneva; I feel I have learnt some new life skills and tools and gained a greater awareness and understanding of Mental Health issues. I am more confident if I found myself in a situation involving mental health, both in my daily life and my coaching practice. I am armed with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, empathize, and provide support to individuals with mental health barriers.

This course is very informational, practical, eye opening and enjoyable. The instructors were amazing, knowledgeable, and keeping me engaged as well as handling all my questions with care and the necessary attention. 

I highly recommend this course to everyone but especially to fellow coaches who are open to educate themselves on a deeper level on mental health. Mental Health awareness is critical and necessary to be able to stay present and fully focused on our clients, leaving behind any bias or misunderstandings we may have on mental health from our past”.

Flora Bami, ICF Integral Coach / Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing expert 



The online ensa Mental Health First Aid course is comprised of 7 modules:

  • Each module is 2 hours long (module dates below).
  • Completion of all 7 modules is required to achieve certification as an ensa Mental Health First Aider.
  • Maximum 20 participants.

Course participants will learn interactively online and will be supported by an offline course kit comprising of a course manual and other written materials. ensa will send out the manuals and other materials to the home address of each participant.  Zoom is used as our online training software. Role plays and exercises will be conducted using break-out rooms during the online sessions.



Module 1: Tuesday 10 January 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 2: Tuesday 17 January 2023  @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 3: Thursday 19 January 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 4: Tuesday 24 January 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 5: Thursday 26 January 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 6: Tuesday 31 January 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET
Module 7: Thursday 02 February 2023 @ 18h – 20h CET



The fee for the online course per participant is 380 CHF (offline course kit included).  



This course is targeted to all Graduates and Students of the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland).

Maximum 20 participants. 



As this is not an open course, registration is through Centre for Coaching (Switzerland).

Further details will be provided upon registration.

Register with us now.



Dr Mecky McNeil


As Mental HealthFirst Director, Dr Mecky McNeil helps coordinate and deliver ensa’s mental health seminars and trainings. Mecky is a British-trained General Practitioner (GP) with 15 years of clinical experience. She worked in a large family practice for many years and was also a GP specialist in Cardiology. Always passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, Mecky became a health coach in 2017 after completing her training as an Associate Integral Coach with the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland) and the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. She now focuses on mental health and alongside her role with HealthFirst, Mecky has a part-time role at ensa Mental Health First Aid in Switzerland. This includes developing the MHFA programmes in English, alongside being an instructor trainer and the English ensa instructor co-ordinator.