//Building Competencies: Inspirational Leadership

Building Competencies: Inspirational Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Are you as inspiring as you could be?

According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review(1) data gathered from nearly 50,000 leaders who were assessed by approximately a half-million colleagues showed that out of the 16 leadership competencies, the ability to inspire creates the highest levels of employee engagement and commitment.  In addition, the ability to inspire is what most powerfully separates the most effective leaders from the average and least-effective leaders, and it is the factor most employees identify when asked what they would most like to have in their leader.

Inspirational leaders ignite a spark within their teams that move them into action. They don’t require incentives, guidance, or even motivation to act because they’ve been inspired.

Inspired People are more productive

Inspired People are more productive – Chart

So how can you inspire your people?

According to the research done by Zenger & Folkman(1), inspiring leaders “spent time developing their subordinates. They engaged in highly collaborative behavior. They encouraged those about them to be more innovative.”  In addition, inspiring leaders are more adept at making emotional connections with their subordinates, establishing a clear vision and are moreover more effective in their communication and willing to spend more time communicating.

In our Leading Through Coaching Workshop, we establish the foundation for building the competencies identified above. For example, you’ll work through proven methods for:

  • Building mutual trust and respect with the individuals around you;
  • Developing capabilities to ensure your people feel seen and heard;
  • Encouraging your teams to think outside of the box and generate multiple possibilities;
  • Enhancing connection and collaboration among your teams;
  • Creating self-correcting teams that embrace new challenges.

In doing so, you will immediately walk away with practical tools for creating and growing your capacity to inspire those you work with.

We know that as the nature of work grows increasingly collaborative and self-directed, inspirational leaders can be the key that unlocks the door towards a more engaged workforce and higher performance.  If you’re interested in building your capabilities to be a more inspirational leader, join us for our Leading Through Coaching Workshop in March. To learn more about this two-day program taking place near Geneva, Switzerland, please contact one of our Certified Professional Integral Coaches.®

1- Zenger, Jack and Folkman, Joseph (2013) “What Inspiring Leaders Do”, Harvard Business Review, 20 June 2013