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5 Reasons to become a Coach

Making the decision to become a coach can be life-changing. Not only for yourself but for those you care about and interact with. 

  1. Becoming a coach you can offer so much to others and make the world better from a place of wisdom, maturity, and experience.
  2. You can fulfill your aim to help others as a coach to build confidence and capabilities, to grow personally, and improve people`s performance.
  3. You will evoke excellence in yourself and in others. Your outlook will change, and you will be able to see this world through someone else’s eyes.
  4. Becoming a qualified coach, you will also have the opportunity of building a coaching practice, coaching people when and where you want to.
  5. You will learn to bring your whole self to life through the power of Integral Coaching. The integral approach explores all the constitutive elements of being human: spiritual; cognitive; emotional; relational, and somatic, allowing everyone to uncover their ability to continuously awaken and deepen so that life flourishes and is saturated with meaning, belonging, and contribution.

What possibilities might you be able to unleash by supporting others to become unstuck from the assumptions that have locked them into engaging with their world in certain ways, releasing them to explore new and different ways of encountering their lives?

Daniel Ahlers, Managing Partner & Director of the Centre for Coaching Switzerland