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Coaching for Development (CfD) is our foundational six-month programme in the study and application of an integral approach to coaching. It is an intensive coach training and apprenticeship programme focusing on Coaching for Development and covers our proven Integral Approach to coaching. The programme is designed for participants to emerge as coach practitioners, able to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and at the same time able to skilfully coach them to improved performance in any aspect of their lives.

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Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for those who are interested in evoking excellence in others while also being open to receiving coaching themselves so they too can bring forward excellence in their own endeavours.

60% of participants in this programme are not necessarily aiming to become coaches themselves, but rather are looking to become more effective at what they do by building the capabilities of the people with whom they interact.  Participants who have gained value from CfD include but are not limited to:

  • Leaders and managers wanting to support and sustain the development of new competencies in their staff.
  • Advisors, coaches, and human resource specialists looking to expand capabilities throughout their organization.
  • Consultants and private practitioners wanting to deepen or develop their coaching skill set as they support client growth.
  • People willing to freely question their assumptions and try out new methods
  • Those wishing to obtain an ICF-credentialed coach certification
  • Those wishing to step into a different career path

Imagine what you could accomplish with the power to build capabilities and evoke excellence in others within only 6 months.

Contact us to set up a call with one of our directors to explore if the Coaching for Development is the right fit for you.

How is an integral approach to coaching different from other models of coaching?

Coaching grounded in an integral approach takes a holistic approach to personal and professional development by taking into account the mental, emotional and physical aspects of a client – so that true insights arise and lasting growth can take place. Other forms of coaching may only focus on one aspect of a person – e.g. your career – and work on that area in isolation.

Will I receive a coaching certification following my completion of the CfD programme?

Yes. The Coaching for Development (CfD) is a stand-alone, fully complete programme that gives you a coaching certificate in an Integral approach to coaching through the Centre for Coaching, the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business Executive Education department, and New Ventures West (USA).

In addition, should you wish to become an internationally recognized coach through the largest global coach association in the world, – the International Coach Federation (ICF) -, the Coaching for Development provides the requirements needed, including 90 hours of ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).  This enables you to be able to apply to the ICF for your credential as a coach.

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Why should I take an accredited coaching course?

Coaching is still an emerging industry and therefore still lacks standardisation. Accreditation ensures that programmes are internationally recognised and of a high quality – and sets practising professional coaches apart from ‘chancers’ attempting to enter a largely unregulated industry.

The Centre for Coaching offers internationally recognized, leading-edge professional development programmes that are backed by university AND professional accreditations.

What international experience and approach does the Centre for Coaching bring to their programmes?

For over 15 years, the Centre for Coaching is now clearly established as a centre for excellence, based at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, a world top 100 executive graduate school.  Today, the Centre for Coaching is present in South Africa, Australia and Switzerland, in addition to linking to over 25 years of cutting edge coaching course development through its alliance with New Ventures West in San Francisco.

The Centre for Coaching team brings a wide range of experience, covering various industries from manufacturing to services and company sizes from individuals, to start-ups to multinational corporations. Their international background has allowed them to develop a keen appreciation for the challenges facing leaders who operate in or work with multicultural global organizations.

What can I expect from the CfD programme?

  • Participants meet as a group for three modules. Learning takes place in many different ways:
  • Group sessions – flow and philosophy of coaching; exploration of coaching models.
  • Individually – reflections, assignments, your own development as a coach.
  • In small groups called Learning Pods – supported by your Mentor coach, who is a
    Professional Coaching Course (PCC) graduate.
  • In pairs with a self-chosen Buddy Coach from the class.
  • The balance of work between modules is self-paced, including readings, written assignments, and three detailed case-study applications of this coaching method with clients.
  • Each delegate receives written feedback on each of their assignments – a rich source of learning and reflection
  • There is on-going support provided by the Centre for Coaching faculty over the six months.
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2020 Coaching for Development Begins In
Venue: Château de Bossey, Bogis-Bossey (near Geneva)
Cost: CHF4’900
Dates: Session 1: Monday 28 - Wednesday 30 September 2020
Session 2: Wednesday 09 - Friday 11 December 2020
Session 3: Thursday 25 - Friday 26 March 2021
The [Coaching for Development] for me was everything a coaching course could possibly provide, and so much more. Beside the models, tools and techniques to equip me as a coach, I’ve discovered such a solid base for pretty much any interaction in my professional and personal life now. I am simply amazed by the depth and wealth of conversations I am able to hold now. The course is hard work, for sure, but the outcome is so rich that it’s been totally worth it!
Tatiana Matveeva, Leadership Development Director, Corporate HR Center, JT International, Geneva
A video testimonial from our 2016/2017 delegate – Irina Ermolaeva
Irina Ermolaeva, Business HR, CEMA GTM, HP Inc., Meyrin

Community building & learning

  • In the class itself, the group forms a safe and nurturing ‘container’ in which to learn & grow
  • In small pre-assigned groups called Learning Pods – each supported by a dedicated Mentor coach, (all Mentors are Professional Coaching Course graduates)
  • In pairs with a self-chosen Buddy Coach from the class
  • There is on-going support provided by all the Centre for Coaching faculty as & when required for successful completion of the Coaching for Development course
  The International Coach Federation is the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.Under the auspices of our learning partner, New Ventures West, completion of Coaching for Development will earn you 90 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Coaching for Development is a prerequisite for the one-year Professional Coaching Course, which is an Accredited Coach Training Programme through the ICF. The Professional Coaching Course is also run under the auspices of our learning partner, New Ventures West. For more information on how to become or find an ICF-credentialed coach, please visit coachfederation.org

The Centre for Coaching is based at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) – one of Africa’s leading business schools. Its courses form part of the GSB Executive Education suite of offerings and are informed by both academic rigour and coaching practice. www.gsb.uct.ac.za
New Ventures West The Centre for Coaching is present in South Africa, Australia and now in Switzerland, and is affiliated to New Ventures West. New Ventures West, one of the leading coaching schools in the USA, founded in 1987 and present on 5 continents, is a San Francisco based organisation dedicated to having people be both effective and fulfilled in their work as integral coaches. www.newventureswest.com

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Application Process:

If you would like to apply or would like more information, please complete the form below.