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On 22 March we launched our first one-day workshop in French “Dynamiser votre leadership à travers le coaching” in collaboration with the Abissa Alliance Academy Foundation.

The workshop, which was held at the Hotel Mirabeau in Lausanne, was facilitated by Daniel Ahlers and Michele Stoudmann. It was designed to be an interactive, action-learning approach to introducing coaching, keeping participants engaged in practice rounds based on real topics throughout the day. Daniel and Michele shared coaching tools and techniques that developed the skill of conversations with a specific focus on impacting both one-on-one and team relationships and bottom-line results.

The aim was to introduce participants to the concept of leadership using a coaching approach, and during the course of the day to cover the difference between coaching and other modalities, such as mentoring or consulting. This is a question many people ask, as there is still much confusion as to what is different about coaching. They also worked on building participants’ ability to listen with depth and clarity which is key in building trust and collaboration.

To compliment this new way of listening, the group worked on learning how to ask powerful questions that open new possibilities, thereby leading to greater openness and innovation, while ensuring that we don’t provoke justification or a sense of being interrogated. At the end of the day, participants walked away with a deeper understanding both of themselves and of their strengths and weaknesses in their interaction with others, as well as with the knowledge that the better you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to coach and lead.

“I found the exercise very worthwhile and appreciated your ability to reframe and accompany the coachee in his reflection. We experienced how coaching, grounded in solid methodology, can allow the coachee to find the answers to their own problems. It’s simple, fast and effective.”

Pascale Gargantini, Directrice Events Publics et Communication, Fondation Abissa Alliances Academy

“Michele and Daniel are at the top of their game, calmly and generously sharing their wisdom and experience. With no holding back, in a single day, they gave us all the necessary keys to leave with the irresistible urge to experiment and learn even more, a real treat!”

Olivier Mauro, Fondateur, Mauro & Associates

“Thanks to this workshop, I was able to quickly understand and assimilate the techniques of “Coaching Circles”, particularly relevant for a team of the same company to come together and address issues in the workplace. This innovative approach provides concrete solutions and improves team performance and is easy to implement with little additional investment in terms of energy. I highly recommend that every employee, manager and leader take the time to explore these techniques.”

Eric Maire, Responsable de la division stratégie de la société BizViz SA, mentor, conseillée et membre du conseil d’administration de plusieurs sociétés suisse et internationale.


We will be running this course again in the near future, in both French and English – watch this space!


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