Craig O’Flaherty: Director


Craig O'Flaherty Craig O’Flaherty is a highly experienced Integral Coach® who has worked to coach senior executives in leading organisations across the globe and to train prospective business and life coaches. He is co-Director of a centre of excellence — The Centre for Coaching — at the Graduate School of Business, University of [...]

Michele Stoudmann: Director (Switzerland)


Michele Stoudmann Michele Stoudmann is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, and a Director of the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland). Based in Switzerland since 1993, she is fluent in both English and French and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Through her coaching, Michele accompanies her clients in their questioning and exploration, [...]

Maria Cussell: Director (Switzerland)


Maria is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, and Director of Centre for Coaching Consulting (Europe). She has worked as an executive and leadership coach for more than ten years, and has extensive experience of enabling leaders to be the very best they can be. Maria is particularly skilled at quickly grasping challenges faced, cutting through [...]