Project Description

Craig O’Flaherty

Craig O’Flaherty is a highly experienced Integral Coach® who has worked to coach senior executives in leading organisations across the globe and to train prospective business and life coaches. He is co-Director of a centre of excellence — The Centre for Coaching — at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, as well as co-Director of Coaching Matters, an executive coaching practice.

Previous background

In the 12 years prior to his coaching work, Craig worked as a Partner with two of the world’s leading consulting companies, Accenture and Gemini Consulting, in the dynamic world of Strategy Consulting. In that time he worked and lived locally and globally — operating at CEO, board and senior executive level, designing and implementing strategy and organisational transformation programmes across a wide range of industries. Craig has had experience in dealing with executives on the critical competitive issues facing their organisations, working to fashion and help implement strategic change agendas that have helped to reposition organisations within their markets and industries.

Coaching work

His work in coaching has seen him travel internationally to New Ventures West in San Francisco, California, where he completed the year-long Professional Coaching Course, certified by the International Coach Federation (USA), as well a second year-long Business Leaders Training course which has accredited him to run all of New Ventures West’s Coaching in South Africa, Australia and now Switzerland. Craig’s clients span a wide range from South Africans to clients from Australia, Europe, UK, East and West Africa and the full Southern African region.

He spends his time as a one-on-one coach to executives from leading organisations across the globe, with leadership teams as a group coach, as well as consulting on the design and implementation of coaching cultures, interventions and processes into their businesses. His clients include SCMB, Chevron, Anglo American, Sanlam and British American Tobacco. He delights in working across cultural, gender and other category backgrounds in assisting people towards captaincy of their fate and the exploration of roads less travelled.

Educational background

Craig has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Masters in Business Administration from Wits Business School.