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Maria Cussell Humphries

Maria Cussell-Humphries

Maria Cussell Humphries is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, and is currently co-facilitating the Associate Coaching Course running here in Geneva with Janine Everson.

My focus is on enabling others to unlock their full potential, and I am able to build strong relationships with a wide range of individuals from varied fields and with different life experiences.Through conversation I gain a better understanding of the individuals’ frame of reference, their expectations of themselves and of others and other’s expectations of the individuals. A purpose of coaching with clearly defined desired outcomes is set with the client, and serves as the context within which coaching takes place and progress is monitored. At the end of the coaching engagement the individual is able to self-observe and self-correct in the moment within the context of the competencies on which we have been focussing.

Previous Background

With over 25 years of experience working in the Barclays Group at a senior level, my background includes both customer facing and head office based strategic roles, and I have particular skills in overcoming cross-cultural barriers and translating the complexities of banking in Africa into practical, common sense language. I have worked in Risk Management, HR, Large Corporate, Medium Business and Retail Environments, across Europe and Africa.
I have particular skills in building strong teams, overcoming cross-cultural barriers and translating the complexities of banking and risk management in Africa into practical, common sense language

Coaching Work

I started coaching in 2005 and am a Faculty Member of the Centre for Coaching at the Graduate Business School, UCT, acting as a coach, mentor and assessor of coaches in training. I specialise in working with clients across Africa, and have extensive experience of working across multiple cultures. I have considerable experience of passing on coaching skills to business leaders. I am able quickly to create a safe, trusting environment for coachees and to work with them to break through the complexities of the challenges they are facing and identify practical next steps.

Educational Background

• Professional Coaching Course – Graduate School of Business UCT
• Accredited Adfen Enneagram and Integrative Enneagram Debriefer
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), having over 750 logged coaching hours.
• BA Honours French and Russian – Reading University
• MBA – Henley Business School
• Currently studying for MSC Coaching and Behavioural Change – Henley Business School
• Coaching available in English, French and Portuguese
• Hatha Yoga Instructor