Swiss FlagIn our article last month, “Becoming a Euro-node for Integral Coaching”, we explored the strategic decision taken by the Centre for Coaching to localize an operation here in Switzerland, as there is a clear need for global nodes that can provide localised support and delivery for the work we do around the world.

We are therefore delighted to announce that the company has now been officially registered as Centre for Coaching SUI Sàrl, giving us the corporate structure necessary to become a Euro-node for Integral Coaching.

The unique contribution that we bring to the European market stems from the combination of the unique multicultural context of South Africa, with the academic rigour required by the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town as well as the grounding in the Integral methodology through our learning partners, New Ventures West in San Francisco. Following the feedback and testimonials (>>> read more) from participants in the courses we have run to date, our approach not only meets, but exceeds expectations, taking people on a journey of building their competency of coaching, as well as of self-discovery. This is indeed the major driver of why we bring the work we do into the world: the gift to facilitate and witness the amazing shifts that our students are capable of making when they engage with this methodology, and the positive impact they have as they take what they learn out into the wider world.

Our approach and methodology are clearly illustrated in our article, “Coaching Across Language, Gender and Race Boundaries”, where we can see that Integral Coaching ® is looking for ways that unite rather than separate, giving the coach and client the possibility to build bridges across their differences and work on the deeper qualities and capacities of what it means to be a human being.

In parallel, the development of an Australiasian node covering the Asia/Pacific Region is also progressing steadily through our partnership with the Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG), Australia. We’ll share more on that next month.

The coming month of March is going to be a busy one, with the launch of our first event here in French, an action-learning one-day introductory workshop “Dynamiser votre leadership à travers le coaching” which we are running in collaboration with the Lausanne networking group aaa (Abissa Alliances Academy). The workshop is open to all >>> more info.

Our April events include: a Coaching RoundTable in Lausanne; presentation at the ICF monthly chapter meeting : “Self Observation – building coachees’ ability to become their own change”; and the Masterclass for NVW alumni.

In the meantime, please let us know if you’re enjoying our monthly newsletter Shapeshifting Conversations – we appreciate your feedback and we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Daniel Ahlers
Executive Director
Centre for Coaching Switzerland

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