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fc green wideEvoking Excellence in Others: Foundations of Coaching is a three-day workshop in which participants are introduced to the principles and methods of coaching, while gaining hands-on experience and insights they can apply in their own working and life situations. This course is grounded in an integral approach to coaching, developed by New Ventures West, one of the leading coaching schools in the USA, and is a powerful intervention which understands that people are multi-faceted beings with unique needs.

Participants explore what is needed to evoke long-term excellence in others. They examine qualities required of a coach: qualities such as patience, discipline, and the ability to build relationships; to listen to and inspire others; clarity and rigour in their own observations; and responsibility, imagination and creativity in working and dealing with colleagues, staff, family members and indeed in all areas of life.

The workshop provides a foundation for participants to develop their own ability as coaches in identifying and resolving problems, opening new perspectives and horizons both on and off the job. Participants leave with knowledge, theory, tools and techniques they can use immediately, as well as powerful processes for working with those they coach.

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Dates: 25 – 27 September 2014
Cost: CHF 1’450, including meals and all documentation.
Early-bird rate: CHF 1’200, for a limited number of participants (first come, first served). Book now to benefit.
Venue: Château de Bossey, Bogis-Bossey (click here for venue details)

The three-day FC is module 1 of the six-month ACC course.

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icflogocolorThe Foundations of Coaching (FC) will soon be accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Continuing Coach Education Course, for which students may obtain 24 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH).


Established in 2002, the Centre for Coaching – situated at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business – is a leading international executive coaching organisation. It offers integral coaching to individuals and, through its consultancy company Coaching Matters, designs and delivers in-house coaching programmes for organisations. The Centre for Coaching is present in South Africa, Australia and now in Switzerland, and is affiliated to New Ventures West.


New Ventures West, one of the leading coaching schools in the USA, founded in 1986, is a San Francisco based organisation dedicated to making people both effective and fulfilled in their work. www.newventureswest.com.


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