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Executive coaching can take your company’s performance to the next level

Executive coaching as a standard leadership development tool A new study by the Centre for Coaching at the University of Cape Town‟s Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) has revealed that tailoring coaching techniques to a specific corporate environment can increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. Toyota has initiated a tailor-made coaching programme for its Toyota Tsusho Africa subsidiary in all eight African countries where the company has a presence. Results showed a happier workforce and customer base translating into a 92% increase in the economic value added to the company. “We started searching for innovative [...]

Executive coaching can take your company’s performance to the next level2018-04-05T17:55:28+02:00

Coaching in leadership development

by Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Everson The search for new insights on leadership and leadership development appears to be insatiable. Indian scholar and spiritual leader Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his Mahavakya* on Leadership remarks: “There are more than 350 definitions for the word Leadership in academic literature in the English language alone. It indicates the general confusion that prevails about the subject and also its complexity”. (Chibber 1995) Some scholars ((Arthur et al. 1999-2000; Day 2000) postulate that the intense focus on leadership development has arisen through the urgent need for organisations to find ways of building capacity to [...]

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The impact of coaching on organisational change

by Moira Farr In order to manage the ongoing global and local changes that challenge organizations today, strong leadership is required. This case serves to illustrate how a South African fast moving consumer goods company was able to use integral coaching to transform itself from a conservative, management-controlled company, into an innovative leadership-driven organization. The case provides a practical example of how this company used integral coaching to develop its leadership throughout the organis.zation.. Employees were interviewed during the research process to ascertain their perspective of the impact of the coaching initiative in relation to themselves and the organisation. A [...]

The impact of coaching on organisational change2018-04-05T17:55:28+02:00

Coaching versus Mentorship versus Leading versus Management

by Craig O’ Flaherty It’s a perennial debate. What is coaching and how does it differ from other modalities or ways of being in a corporate context such as mentoring, leading and managing? These words are often thrown around interchangeably and yet describe very different ways of interacting with people. Coaching is probably the newest of these descriptors and yet the lack of real understanding of its roots, or way of showing up in a one-on-one or group situation, means that it is often used to label, justify or disguise actions and behaviours that are the antithesis of coaching. The role [...]

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Equipping Leaders to coach – an androgogic learning model

by Craig M.B O' Flaherty Coaching is a powerful way of building oneself and others in a manner that drives effectiveness and the ability to create new possibilities; both important elements of a leadership skill set. The relevance of coaching in this context is explored. It is argued that the learning philosophy, context, tools and processes utilised in order to enable leaders to master the subtleties of coaching need to be inspired by the same principles which research has shown facilitates adult learning. This creates an effective and powerful way of enabling leaders to master the complexities of coaching. Read [...]

Equipping Leaders to coach – an androgogic learning model2019-03-04T16:12:37+02:00

Inspired moments – possibilities beyond management through integral coaching

by JMC Everson, CMB O' Flaherty, G Howard & D Loos Purpose: The primary purpose of this paper is to investigate whether an integral coaching intervention underway in a multinational, fast-moving consumer goods organisation can support the creation of an environment that encourages new ways of thinking and learning. This would be underpinned by increased self-understanding amongst leaders and managers. Such self-awareness is argued to lead to enhanced relationships within the workplace for both managers and their subordinates. Read more ... 

Inspired moments – possibilities beyond management through integral coaching2019-03-04T16:12:29+02:00