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4 Self-Care Habits to Boost Your Resilience

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash When we think about resilient people, we think about those who are dynamic, flexible and able to deal with the fast-changing and complex world we live in today. However, imagine if you could become more resilient yourself?  What could you accomplish if you were better able to tolerate high levels of stress, endure the inevitable setback while remaining open and engaged? Begin Here Resilience is the ability to take on difficult challenges, cope with adversity and still find meaning in life. It allows us to cope when things look bleak by [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Preconditions For Making Sincere Promises As A Leader

DOWNLOAD THE PDF WORKSHOP: MENTOR - Amplifying Talent 20 NOVEMBER 2018 / CHÂTEAU DE BOSSEY, NEAR GENEVA   A 1-day workshop on November 20, that explores how to amplify talent through mentoring, with a clear focus on the experiential & practical vs. academic & theoretical. Learn how you can gain maximum benefit from mentoring – the ‘how’ of mentoring as well as the ‘what’. Build stronger mentor-mentee conversations and increase end-to-end value with your mentorship efforts. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE WORKSHOP

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Leading through Coaching

Is something missing in the way you lead or work with teams? Are your team or your peers as motivated and engaged as they could be? Does your leadership need new depth? Are you looking for ways to improve productivity & innovation? • Join us for this 2-day intervention that explores how to lead through coaching. • Learn how you can shift your conversations and interactions to impact your relationships and the bottom-line results of your team Who is the course aimed at? The ability to inspire others, to unlock potential and to encourage innovation [...]

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2018 Geneva HR Conference: Interview

Join Us! Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 October 2018 Palexpo, Geneva  |  9h00 – 17h30 Hall 2, Stand D.01-E More Details “We passionately support organisations to implement strategic change through the design and delivery of bespoke programmes that address dimensions of how we, as human beings, interact with one another.” Thank you to the Salon RH Suisse team for interviewing one of our Directors, Daniel Ahlers. We're excited to participate during this year's Salon RH Suisse and hope to see you at our conference: Building Resilience – ‘Hardiness in Upheaval’ [...]

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2018 Geneva HR Conference: Building Resilience – Hardiness in Upheaval

Come visit the Centre for Coaching stand at the Salon RH Suisse 2018, where you can learn more about us and our corporate offering, as well as our upcoming courses. Salon RH Dates: Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 October 2018 Time: 9h00 - 17h30 Location: Palexpo, Geneva Centre for Coaching Stand: Hall 2, Stand D.01-E Our coach training courses have a triple accreditation (New Ventures West USA, International Coach Federation, Univ. of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business), which brings great credibility and rigour to both the coach training and the in-house bespoke coaching & leadership programmes [...]

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7 Pitfalls to Creating a Coaching Culture within an Organization

With the challenges of operating in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, many companies are recognising that the days of ‘command and control’ are long gone.  Thus they are looking to build an alternative approach, creating a culture where leaders are able to coach and mentor their teams. Knowledge is no longer seen as resting with a few key individuals; rather, companies are looking to empower their people, to encourage innovation and creativity. Through our long history and experience working with multinational corporations, we've proven how creating a coaching culture is the best way for companies to ensure their employees are fully engaged and enjoying their careers. If you [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Reasons Why Strong Leaders Develop Self-Mercy

Why is self-mercy an essential skill for great leadership? Download our infographic to discover 4 reasons why strong leaders are working to develop their own practise of self-mercy. DOWNLOAD PDF Most of us have not practised mercy towards ourselves with the amount of effort and diligence that we practise harsh self-judgement.  The key is that it takes great self-empowerment to practise mercy.  Someone who is disempowered can’t be merciful. To learn more about self-mercy and insights for developing your self-mercy practise, read our article The Strength of Mercy. READ ARTICLE

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The Strength of Mercy

‘Strength’ and ‘mercy’ are not words we commonly link together.  Especially in the business environment, we have a tendency to relate to ‘strong leaders’ but what about ‘merciful leaders?’ To have mercy is often seen as a state of weakness and giving into one’s actions.  Yet in reality, mercy requires the utmost amount of strength; mercy is powerful compassion.  Mercy is strength and kindness together.  It is empowerment and gentleness at the same time. Abraham Lincoln, as he was preparing the United States for life after the U.S. Civil War in 1865 said, “I have always [...]

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Workshop: Resilience – Rising Above Uncertainty

Presented by Janine Ahlers, ICF-certified MCC coach and Academic Director of the Centre for Coaching Thursday, 26 April 2018   |   18h - 22h L'Armée du Salut, rue Centrale 23, 1110 Morges, Switzerland (3 min walk from Morges Station) The Centre for Coaching is excited to return to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Suisse Romande Chapter on April 26th to present the topic of Resilience - Rising Above Uncertainty. Led by Janine Ahlers, an Integral Coach® and Director of the Centre for Coaching, this workshop is open to the general public and an excellent opportunity for you [...]

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ICF Conference – A Talk and Networking Event in Geneva

How to create a Coaching Culture - The Pitfalls to avoid. A conference and networking event organised by ICF Suisse Romande in Geneva Maria Cussel Date: Tuesday 27th March 2018 Location: Webster University Geneva Time: 18h00 - 22h00 The ICF (International Coaching Federation) of Suisse Romande is hosting a talk and Networking event on the 27th March 2018. Our Director Maria has been invited to share about how to create a coaching culture in the corporate wolrd, and her firm belief that it is the best way for companies to ensure their employees are fully [...]

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