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7 Pitfalls to Creating a Coaching Culture within an Organization

With the challenges of operating in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, many companies are recognising that the days of ‘command and control’ are long gone.  Thus they are looking to build an alternative approach, creating a culture where leaders are able to coach and mentor their teams. Knowledge is no longer seen as resting with a few key individuals; rather, companies are looking to empower their people, to encourage innovation and creativity. Through our long history and experience working with multinational corporations, we've proven how creating a coaching culture is the best way for companies to ensure their employees are fully engaged and enjoying their careers. If you [...]

7 Pitfalls to Creating a Coaching Culture within an Organization2019-09-02T17:30:17+02:00

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Reasons Why Strong Leaders Develop Self-Mercy

Why is self-mercy an essential skill for great leadership? Download our infographic to discover 4 reasons why strong leaders are working to develop their own practise of self-mercy. DOWNLOAD PDF Most of us have not practised mercy towards ourselves with the amount of effort and diligence that we practise harsh self-judgement.  The key is that it takes great self-empowerment to practise mercy.  Someone who is disempowered can’t be merciful. To learn more about self-mercy and insights for developing your self-mercy practise, read our article The Strength of Mercy. READ ARTICLE

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Reasons Why Strong Leaders Develop Self-Mercy2018-07-27T18:20:24+02:00

The Strength of Mercy

‘Strength’ and ‘mercy’ are not words we commonly link together.  Especially in the business environment, we have a tendency to relate to ‘strong leaders’ but what about ‘merciful leaders?’ To have mercy is often seen as a state of weakness and giving into one’s actions.  Yet in reality, mercy requires the utmost amount of strength; mercy is powerful compassion.  Mercy is strength and kindness together.  It is empowerment and gentleness at the same time. Abraham Lincoln, as he was preparing the United States for life after the U.S. Civil War in 1865 said, “I have always [...]

The Strength of Mercy2019-09-02T17:34:20+02:00

Video: Introduction to an Integral Approach to Coaching

If you were unable to attend the LIVE session of our Introduction to Coaching with Centre for Coaching Directors Janine Ahlers, Maria Cussell, and Daniel Ahlers, do not worry. The Facebook Live video is available for viewing at your convenience.  If you have questions about coaching, the Centre for Coaching approach, or future programmes, do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook page or email / phone us directly. Thank you to everyone who attended our first Facebook Live event and we look forward to seeing you at future events.  

Video: Introduction to an Integral Approach to Coaching2018-07-27T18:20:49+02:00

Leadership Coaching: 7 Myths and Facts

IMAGINE... Leading a team that automatically adjusted to and overcame new challenges. You stopped micro-managing and time became available to focus on important goals. Picture a world that has opened up to you, one where you could identify and capture opportunities in both your professional and personal lives. Today, many individuals like you have experienced such results from Coaching, and although Leadership Coaching is a commonly used phrase, few can explain it. So let’s begin by shedding some light on a few key ingredients to success. Please click below to download our info guide: Leadership Coaching: 7 Myths [...]

Leadership Coaching: 7 Myths and Facts2020-06-05T14:52:02+02:00

4 Signs You Could Benefit from Coaching

How do you know if you could benefit from an integral approach to coaching? Many find coaching through online research, a recommendation by a friend or colleague, or a career-related training. Either way, only you can decide if you are ready to be coached.  Most importantly, you need to be open to new thoughts, concepts, feelings, ideas, and possibilities in all areas of your life. Over our 15+ years of coaching, we've identified a number circumstances where coaching can help individuals overcome common challenges and increase their performance in life. Please click below to download our info guide: 4 [...]

4 Signs You Could Benefit from Coaching2018-07-27T18:21:17+02:00

Coaching Round table – Exploring Integral Coaching (Düsseldorf)

Daniel Ahlers, Executive Director of the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland), will explore the theme of Integral Coaching and will be answering participants’ questions, including: Daniel Ahlers What makes coaching Integral? Why choose an Integral Approach? How does it lead to people becoming self-correcting and self-generating resulting in a greater sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose? How does this bring new depth to one's leadership? or make a difference in the corporate world? The business case for organisations – how to make coaching more affordable?  Navid Nazemian, Integral Coach and Head of HR Business Partnering at Vodafone, who [...]

Coaching Round table – Exploring Integral Coaching (Düsseldorf)2018-04-05T17:55:12+02:00

Coaching Out Your Best!

© Krasimiranevenova | Dreamstime.com - Coaching Concept Photo A good coach will help you to notice your unconscious patterns of behaviour and habits, to self-correct and to think up action plans and solutions. You may even discover leadership strengths you weren’t aware of. You might be wondering how somebody in a small, entrepreneurial company or in a large multinational or international organization could benefit from a coach. Well, regardless of the business, a coach can help you explore important questions, such as how can I contribute, what is my role, how do I overcome challenges and what is [...]

Coaching Out Your Best!2018-04-05T17:55:12+02:00

Incorporation of Centre for Coaching Switzerland

In our article last month, “Becoming a Euro-node for Integral Coaching”, we explored the strategic decision taken by the Centre for Coaching to localize an operation here in Switzerland, as there is a clear need for global nodes that can provide localised support and delivery for the work we do around the world. We are therefore delighted to announce that the company has now been officially registered as Centre for Coaching SUI Sàrl, giving us the corporate structure necessary to become a Euro-node for Integral Coaching. The unique contribution that we bring to the European market stems from the combination of [...]

Incorporation of Centre for Coaching Switzerland2018-04-05T17:55:12+02:00

Coaching Across Language, Gender and Race Boundaries: Lessons from South Africa for Europe

By CRAIG O'FLAHERTY Introduction Stone Lighthouse - Craig O'Flaherty © DNA research is causing us to look at history in new ways. From its very beginning Europe has been a seen as a ‘melting pot’. It’s a history that up to now, has been believed to be founded on waves of migration, invasion and colonisation from its earliest times. This pattern started with groups of hunter-gatherers from Africa as early as 60 000 years ago and continued as separate groups of farmers and herders from the Middle East made their way north. Recent theorists are contesting this and suggesting [...]

Coaching Across Language, Gender and Race Boundaries: Lessons from South Africa for Europe2018-04-05T17:55:12+02:00