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Workshop FR : Dynamiser votre leadership à travers le coaching

• Votre façon de diriger ou de travailler avec des équipes vous semble incomplète ? • Vos équipes ou vos pairs sont-ils aussi motivés et engagés qu’ils pourraient l’être ? • Votre leadership a-t-il besoin d’une nouvelle profondeur ? • Recherchez-vous des moyens d’améliorer la productivité et l’innovation ? • Rejoignez-nous pour un workshop de 2 journées d’action-apprentissage interactif qui explore la manière de diriger à travers le coaching. • Découvrez comment vous pouvez modifier vos conversations pour impacter vos relationnels et les résultats de votre équipe. À qui s’adresse le cours [...]

Workshop FR : Dynamiser votre leadership à travers le coaching2019-09-23T19:36:48+02:00

Workshop ENG: Leading Through Coaching

• Is something missing in the way you lead or work with teams? • Are your team or your peers as motivated and engaged as they could be? • Does your leadership need new depth? • Are you looking for ways to improve productivity & innovation? • Join us for this 2-day intervention that explores how to lead through coaching. • Learn how you can shift your conversations and interactions to impact your relationships and the bottom-line results of your team Who is the course aimed at? The ability to inspire others, to [...]

Workshop ENG: Leading Through Coaching2019-09-23T17:25:50+02:00

Resilience: Rewiring the body – the neuroscience of building resiliency in a chaotic world

Resilience, in simple terms, is the process or method of adapting positively when faced with adversity, tragedy/trauma, perceived danger or serious causes of stress, particularly when it comes to family and other relationship issues, serious health problems or career and financial complications. Even more simply put, it is the ability to "bounce back" from negative situations and experiences. Contemporary research on the subject of ‘resiliency’ has shown that this is in fact an ordinary response and not extraordinary. People are able to rebuild after surviving tragedy and obstacles that would under normal circumstances seem impossible to recover from. Resilience requires support structures [...]

Resilience: Rewiring the body – the neuroscience of building resiliency in a chaotic world2020-03-18T13:52:02+02:00

What is an Integral Approach to Coaching?

Global challenges are impacting all life on the planet. We experience political instability, conflicts, inequality on various levels, a lack of social well-being, and serious sustainability challenges related to the natural environment. Humanity ignores this reality at its own peril. But what difference can coaching make in the midst of all of this? At the Centre for Coaching, we believe that the integral approach to coaching  fundamentally helps to develop the capacity in people to live and work in a more harmonious, co-creative and integrated way. Our commitment is to bring different groups of people together to live and [...]

What is an Integral Approach to Coaching?2019-09-02T17:18:38+02:00

Building Competencies: Inspirational Leadership

Are you as inspiring as you could be? According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review(1),  data gathered from nearly 50,000 leaders who were assessed by approximately a half-million colleagues showed that out of the 16 leadership competencies, the ability to inspire creates the highest levels of employee engagement and commitment.  In addition, the ability to inspire is what most powerfully separates the most effective leaders from the average and least-effective leaders, and it is the number one factor employees identify when asked what they would most like to have in their leader. Inspirational leaders ignite a spark within their [...]

Building Competencies: Inspirational Leadership2020-06-09T23:41:14+02:00

4 Self-Care Habits to Boost Your Resilience

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash When we think about resilient people, we think about those who are dynamic, flexible and able to deal with the fast-changing and complex world we live in today. However, imagine if you could become more resilient yourself?  What could you accomplish if you were better able to tolerate high levels of stress, endure the inevitable setback while remaining open and engaged? Begin Here Resilience is the ability to take on difficult challenges, cope with adversity and still find meaning in life. It allows us to cope when things look bleak by [...]

4 Self-Care Habits to Boost Your Resilience2019-03-04T16:17:45+02:00