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The impact of coaching on organisational change

by Moira Farr In order to manage the ongoing global and local changes that challenge organizations today, strong leadership is required. This case serves to illustrate how a South African fast moving consumer goods company was able to use integral coaching to transform itself from a conservative, management-controlled company, into an innovative leadership-driven organization. The case provides a practical example of how this company used integral coaching to develop its leadership throughout the organis.zation.. Employees were interviewed during the research process to ascertain their perspective of the impact of the coaching initiative in relation to themselves and the organisation. A [...]

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Coaching versus Mentorship versus Leading versus Management

by Craig O’ Flaherty It’s a perennial debate. What is coaching and how does it differ from other modalities or ways of being in a corporate context such as mentoring, leading and managing? These words are often thrown around interchangeably and yet describe very different ways of interacting with people. Coaching is probably the newest of these descriptors and yet the lack of real understanding of its roots, or way of showing up in a one-on-one or group situation, means that it is often used to label, justify or disguise actions and behaviours that are the antithesis of coaching. The role [...]

Coaching versus Mentorship versus Leading versus Management2018-04-05T17:55:29+02:00

Equipping Leaders to coach – an androgogic learning model

by Craig M.B O' Flaherty Coaching is a powerful way of building oneself and others in a manner that drives effectiveness and the ability to create new possibilities; both important elements of a leadership skill set. The relevance of coaching in this context is explored. It is argued that the learning philosophy, context, tools and processes utilised in order to enable leaders to master the subtleties of coaching need to be inspired by the same principles which research has shown facilitates adult learning. This creates an effective and powerful way of enabling leaders to master the complexities of coaching. Read [...]

Equipping Leaders to coach – an androgogic learning model2019-03-04T16:12:37+02:00

Inspired moments – possibilities beyond management through integral coaching

by JMC Everson, CMB O' Flaherty, G Howard & D Loos Purpose: The primary purpose of this paper is to investigate whether an integral coaching intervention underway in a multinational, fast-moving consumer goods organisation can support the creation of an environment that encourages new ways of thinking and learning. This would be underpinned by increased self-understanding amongst leaders and managers. Such self-awareness is argued to lead to enhanced relationships within the workplace for both managers and their subordinates. Read more ... 

Inspired moments – possibilities beyond management through integral coaching2019-03-04T16:12:29+02:00

Coaching helps plug learnings

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:20  A research project by the Department of Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg and the Centre for Coaching at the UCT Graduate School of Business has found that integral coaching is an effective intervention to promote academic success for students studying towards the CA(SA) designation Read the full article Coaching helps plug learning gap, Skillsportal, 24 January 2013

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Reducing south Africa’s escalating drop out rate

Coaching students to stay in schools The high dropout rate among black South African students has been a concern in education circles for many years – but a novel approach by the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in conjunction with the Centre for Coaching at the UCT Graduate School of Business has come up with a practical solution – life coaching. Reducing South Africa's escalating drop out rate, Achiever online, 3 May 2013

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Craig O’Flaherty: Director

Craig Craig is a highly experienced Professional Integral Coach® who has coached senior executives in leading South African organisations and trained prospective business and life coaches. He is co-Director of a centre of excellence — The Centre for Coaching — at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, as well as co-Director of Coaching Matters, an executive coaching practice. Previous background In the 12 years prior to his coaching work, Craig worked as a Partner with two of the world’s leading consulting companies, Accenture and Gemini Consulting, in the dynamic world of Strategy Consulting. In that [...]

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Janine Everson: Academic Director

Janine Everson Janine is a certified Professional Integral Coach® and Academic Director of the Centre for Coaching, a centre for excellence situated at the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB). She also holds the position of Senior Lecturer at the GSB, lecturing in Coaching and Leadership Development to MBA and Executive Education students. She has delivered and published research papers at several academic peer-reviewed conferences, and has published book chapters and articles on the topic of coaching in leadership development. Previous background Janine spent more than 10 years working in the corporate, manufacturing and business environment where she [...]

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Daniel Ahlers

Daniel Ahlers is a certified Professional Integral Coach®, and a founding partner of the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland), as well as co-founder and director of Le News, an Anglophone media for Switzerland. He is of South African origin, based in Switzerland since 1995, and is fluent in both English and French, completely at ease coaching in both languages. Previous Background Daniel spent more than 15 years working in a corporate environment, where he covered numerous domains firstly at Edipresse in Lausanne and then with Naville in Geneva, a subsidiary of the Lagardère Group. These included Decision Support, Financial controlling, Sales and Marketing [...]

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Maria Cussell Humphries

Maria Cussell-Humphries Maria Cussell Humphries is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, and is currently co-facilitating the Associate Coaching Course running here in Geneva with Janine Everson. My focus is on enabling others to unlock their full potential, and I am able to build strong relationships with a wide range of individuals from varied fields and with different life experiences.Through conversation I gain a better understanding of the individuals’ frame of reference, their expectations of themselves and of others and other’s expectations of the individuals. A purpose of coaching with clearly defined desired outcomes is set with the client, [...]

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