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Videos of Coaching Roundtables June 2014

At our Coaching Roundtables event held in Lausanne on 17 June 2014,  the following topics were discussed What is coaching? What makes coaching Integral? Why choose an Integral Approach? How can Integral coaching make a difference in the corporate world? How does Integral coaching lead to people becoming self-correcting and self-generating resulting in a greater sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose? Below is video footage of the event for you to discover how these and other questions were explored. http://youtu.be/hlYlzRtrKzI   http://youtu.be/CNJfmFhLQk8   http://youtu.be/6Cx_StkpHZ8   http://youtu.be/sxfIAv7mGNE   http://youtu.be/Smf_Gm3Zi6A      

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The emerging contribution of internal coaching (article)

 By Janine Everson and Craig O’Flaherty, Directors of the Centre for Coaching, UCT Graduate School of Business Only a decade or so has passed since leading South African organisations began to access and integrate the modality of coaching into the running of their organisations. Like all new trends, there are always early-adopters, who take the risk to experiment with a fresh application and make their mistakes until the impact starts to show, but the experimental phase is over. "Local organisations are starting to understand the power of a blended model – where both external and internal coaches can be integrated [...]

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Executive coaching can take your company’s performance to the next level

Executive coaching as a standard leadership development tool A new study by the Centre for Coaching at the University of Cape Town‟s Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB) has revealed that tailoring coaching techniques to a specific corporate environment can increase customer satisfaction, improve productivity and boost the bottom line. Toyota has initiated a tailor-made coaching programme for its Toyota Tsusho Africa subsidiary in all eight African countries where the company has a presence. Results showed a happier workforce and customer base translating into a 92% increase in the economic value added to the company. “We started searching for innovative [...]

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Touch, pause, engage: The transformative power of investing in people

Business leaders have mostly overcome any lingering skepticism over the importance of so-called ‘soft’ skills like coaching, and just in time. Increasingly, research is showing that investing in people is not only essential for boosting employee satisfaction– it makes financial sense as well. The statistics pile up: the International Personnel Management Association increased its ...

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Centre for Coaching expands to Europe

Leading International Coaching Centre opens in Geneva, Switzerland The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business’ Centre for Coaching (CFC) is expanding to Western Europe, opening a new base in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently the CFC operates throughout Africa, Australasia and Europe, with offices in South Africa and Australia. Coaching courses available through the European branch – which will kick off in October 2013 – include the Foundations of Coaching course, a three-day introductory course that introduces the principles and methods of coaching grounded in an integral approach, while gaining hands-on experience and insights directly applicable in work and life. The longer Associate Coaching Course, which will also be offered, runs over six months and has a similarly broad-based approach. It is designed for participants to acquire the competency, emerging as coaching practitioners, and is thus particularly well adapted to professionals currently ...

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In the loop with Coaching Circles – Top Performing Companies

New research shows that Coaching Circles are emerging as the natural successor to action learning as the best way to develop people and build strong, resilient organisations. By Janine Everson & Craig O'Flaherty Ask any HR professional what their number one concern is and they are likely to tell you: talent - how to recruit it and how to develop it. Organisations today demand leaders and managers who are adaptive, resilient and intelligent and able to solve complex problems under extreme pressure, and it is getting harder to find and motivate people who are up to the task.

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Coaching in leadership development

by Craig O’Flaherty and Janine Everson The search for new insights on leadership and leadership development appears to be insatiable. Indian scholar and spiritual leader Sri Sathya Sai Baba in his Mahavakya* on Leadership remarks: “There are more than 350 definitions for the word Leadership in academic literature in the English language alone. It indicates the general confusion that prevails about the subject and also its complexity”. (Chibber 1995) Some scholars ((Arthur et al. 1999-2000; Day 2000) postulate that the intense focus on leadership development has arisen through the urgent need for organisations to find ways of building capacity to [...]

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